FAQ's for Client's

What is a Personal Assistant (PA)

A Personal Assistant is a professional carer who provides personal, administrative and organisational support to an individual. You will find that we reference carers as 'PA's' throughout the website and agreements.

What is a self-employed PA?

A self-employed PA is a professional who works independently and offers their services directly to their clients. They are not employed by a care agency or an organisation.

What kind of tasks can a PA help with?

A PA can help with a wide range of tasks, including personal hygiene, meal preparation, medication management, housekeeping, shopping, and transportation. They work with clients who may be elderly, disabled, or recovering from an illness or injury.

What training or qualifications does a PA hold? 

PA's will ideally hold relevant training, qualifications or experience, such as a Care Certificate/Diploma in Health and Social Care or practical experience of working in a care setting.

Does Match my PA offer any training to PA's?

Yes, Match my PA encourage all PA's who use the platform, to complete their Care Certificate and enrol on to a Diploma in Health & Social Care. Match my PA make all of this training available, as part of our commitment to professionalise the PA sector.

Further to this, individual and bespoke training courses are available for all PA's, to ensure that they have access to training that may be specific to their clients needs. This training is offered free of charge, as part of the service provided.

Why should I use Match my PA?

Match my PA is not a care agency and is classed as an introductory agent. As such, our fees are considerably less than the traditional care agency model. This means that the carers get a better rate of pay and you get better value for your money.

How do I set up my profile?

The Match my PA portal provides you with an easy to use template for uploading your job to the platform.

You are responsible for keeping your Match my PA jobs live.

The team at Match my PA are available to support and assist you with this process.

We can visit you in your own home, to discuss your needs and ensure that your profile and your job are created in a way that will enable you to get the most out of your Match my PA experience.

How do I post a job?

Posting a job is the best way to connect with potential, local, PA’s available on the Match my PA platform.

When explaining about your job, you should include your care requirements and set the amount you are willing to pay. You can then interview/discuss your job with any PA that has registered their interest, via the online platform.

The team at Match my PA are available to support and assist you with this process. 

If you are happy with your selected PA and both agree to the terms, you can access the Service Agreements through the Match my PA platform.

Will I select my own PA's? 

Yes, this is how the platform works. Match my PA do not have any direct involvement in selecting your PA. The choice is fully down to you.

Using Match my PA gives you full control in the selection process of your Personal Assistants. We provide a secure platform which allows you to privately meet and discuss your needs with trained professionals, so you can optimise your PA’s to best suit your personal needs.

What if I want more than one PA at the same time?

We recommend having multiple PA's, If you need help on different days we suggest that you try and find a team of PA's then you are not reliant on any one person. This way you are able to call up on your 'team of PA's' if someone goes sick or on holiday.

How will I know which PA's to select?

You will be able to view the PA's profile on the Match my PA platform. The profile will give you information that you can use to inform your choices. The profiles show a picture of the PA and give an overview of the PA's professional experience and qualifications, as well as personal interests and hobbies. This will help you to choose a PA that you feel is suitable for you and your needs.

Match my PA is able to match PA's to client jobs. We review the feedback that has been left for PA's on the database to ensure they are performing to the high standards set by Match my PA. PA's who fall short of this benchmark may be removed from the search feature.

Will I be the employer?

No, All the PA's who are matched with you via the Match my PA platform, are registered as self employed. This is all checked prior to the PA uploading a profile and registering their interest in jobs on the platform.

Will I sign a Service Agreement?

The Service Agreement is the document that enters you and your PA into a contractual arrangement. This is required to ensure that you are both aware of the expectations of the service you have entered in to. It also ensures that you get paid for the hours you have agreed to work and that you have Liability Insurance in place to cover agreed hours.

When you have been matched with a PA, you will be able to chat via the Match my PA portal. During your discussions, you will agree on the terms of your Agreement. The e-Service Agreement will be digitally signed by both parties and held on your own files within the portal. This will contain information such as agreed working days and times and the charge rates.

You are responsible for ensuring that you have agreed your charge rates with your PA's, ahead of starting your journey together. You can access the Agreement on the Match my PA portal, which is then held on your Match my PA account.

You and your clients will agree the working days and hours required. This will also form part of your Agreement, which is kept on your Match my PA account.

How do I set up a Service Agreement?

You and your PA can create a Service Agreement on the Match my PA portal. The template is ready for you to use, you simply have to go to 'Service Agreements' and fill in the details. It will automatically be sent to both parties to check that they agree with the terms.

What if we decide to change the Agreement to increase or reduce hours?

The Agreement can be changed at any time, by mutual agreement. Simply contact the Match my PA team at [email protected] or call 0151 829 1515

What background checked are carried out on the PA's?

All the PA’s on our database hold a DBS and thorough checks have been carried out on all qualifications, professional references and Right to Work in the UK.

How does Match my PA differ from a care provider/agency? 

Match my PA is a platform for individuals seeking care and self-employed PA’s enabling you to chose the PA which best suits your needs, instead of being provided a PA by an agency or another external party. The technology implemented on the platform gives you full control over your care package, with ease.  

When you use Match my PA, you are able to build excellent professional relationships with your team of PA's and as you are involved in selecting and scheduling timetables, you are in full control of you care.  

What happens if my PA calls in sick or has an emergency?

Match my PA encourages you to engage a team of PA's. This means that you will have multiple PA's in their team and can call upon another member of the team to cover holidays or emergences.

Your PA's should inform you of any sickness' or issues with attending your planned visits as soon as possible.

We encourage the PA's to find their own replacements via the portal, you can of course refuse their suggested replacements. We are not a care agency so are not obligated to provide you with a replacement PA. We will however, try and assist you as best we can, by contacting the database of PA's on your behalf.

If you are unable to cover the hours with a member of your PA team, please contact us as we may be able to provide assistance in finding cover.

What if I am unable to find cover and I really need my support that day?

In the event of an emergency, please feel free to contact our sister company, Support at Home, who may be able to provide you with the one-off support you need. Support at Home's Service Charges are applied. For more information, please head to www.supportathome.co.uk

What if my PA is on Annual Leave?

Your PA should provide you with as much notice as possible, if they are planning a holiday and together, you should try to introduce other PA's to your team ahead of your holidays, to ensure you have adequate cover. However, the choice of who covers your shift/s is always yours and you can choose a different carer to the one your current PA's suggest.

You and your PA's will agree on planned rest days/time off and cover will be arranged within the PA team or via the Match my PA portal. Temporary cover can be advertised to local, self employed PA's who are on the database.

Is there a minimum shift length?

Yes, the minimum shift length is 60 minutes.

At Match my PA, we believe short visits do not give the PA enough time to properly carry out your personal care needs. Our minimum shift length ensures a better standard of care and a more meaningful relationship between you and the PA’s. 

What if I need to change my care package? 

If you decide you want to change your care package, you should discuss this with the PA’s you no longer require. They may be able to reduce the hours they provide or be more flexible with the times to better suit your needs. If you do not come to an agreement and would like another PA, you can cancel the PA’s you no longer want and hire new ones through the platform quickly and easily, as per your needs. 

What happens if I am not happy with my PA? 

If you decide you are not happy with your PA, after signing the Service Agreement, you can cancel at any time. You are able to terminate your Agreement and arrange to meet another PA, with ease, on the Match my PA portal. We recommend you give at least 48 hours’ notice to the PA.

You are responsible for managing any issues that arise. However, Match my PA can support you with handling any sensitive issues that arise within your team. This includes absence management, relationship clashes, performance issues and termination of employment. Match my PA can support you with managing in-house issues. An admin fee is applied.

Please refer to the Terms & Conditions of your Service Agreement for information regarding cancellations.

What if there are no PA’s in my area? 

Match my PA are focused on creating personal, meaningful care. We are passionate about the relationships between you and the PA’s, and are focused on optimising the business performance, before expanding nationwide. We are, however, still approving PA’s from across the UK, to store on our database for when we launch in that area. If there are no available PA’s in your area, you are still able to create an account and job and you will receive a notification via SMS or e-mail for when we go live in your area and there are PA’s registered and waiting. 

How is the cost when compared to a care provider/agency

Care providers and agencies must set their prices high, so their margins cover business costs such as rent of premises, phone bills, office wages, advertisements, agency fees, mileage expenses, holiday pay etc.

Match my PA’s Business Model eliminates most of these costs. As a result of this, hourly rates are reduced on average 40%, and hourly pay is increased on average 55%. There isn’t a more cost-efficient way to get homecare.

How do I pay my PA?

When you and the PA are both happy with the Service Agreement details such as times, dates, hours per week and tasks within the visits. Both you and the PA will sign this Service Agreement. Match my PA will invoice you for the hours completed for that week, which have been confirmed by the PA. This invoice will be sent to you by email on the Monday of each week. Payment is required within 3 working days. 

Payment can be be made by bank transfer details provided on the invoices.

You must never pay the PA in cash or any other method other than what has been agreed in your Match my PA Service Agreement. 

Do I have to pay for a “trial shift”? 

Yes, you are obliged to pay for any care and support received.

Can I contest a payment?

In the unlikely event that something goes wrong, you can contact us at [email protected]. We will aim to respond to your query within 24 hours and ensure this problem is resolved correctly.

How do I get a refund?

If you believe you are entitled to a refund, contact [email protected] or call 0151 829 1515

Can I pay my PA in cash?

No, we strictly forbid payments made off-platform between clients and PA's that have made contact through Match my PA. If we find payments for this service have been made off-platform we reserve the right to terminate both the client and PA from the platform and you may be issued a fine. 

If you are approached or asked to make payments off-platform, or to pay in cash please report this to [email protected] or call 0151 829 1515

Do I set the pay rate?

Match my PA gives you the ability to advertise your job and the rate you wish to pay. PA's who are available and meet all your criteria, including the costing criteria, will be notified of your job. Equally, you can view profiles on the database and contact PA's who are available for work.

What if the PA charges more than I wish to pay?

PA's set their own prices on the platform, there are a lot of variables what cause this price to fluctuate. PA's with a higher rating/reputation or more qualifications, may charge a higher rate, the location of the client will also affect the price. You will be expected to pay the agreed hourly rate + 6% fee. Live-in care rates per hour are less than visits, however the 6% additional fee in consistent.

Match my PA will match you with PA's who meet the pay rates set out in your job. You will also have access to view profiles and contact a PA who you think may be suited to your needs, and negotiate your rates.

As a guide, the average charge is £19.00ph before fees. Match my PA charges the client 6%, meaning the average price per hour to the client £20.14ph.

How much does my PA receive?

The carer is paid the agreed hourly rate between the client and PA, less 6% fees. Using the average price of £19.00ph, the PA would receive £17.86ph. For live-in care the price per hour they receive is less, however the 6% fee is consistent.

What if my PA does not fulfil the Service Agreement?

If you are not happy with the PA, we recommend raising this issue with them first and trying to resolve the situation. If, you are still unsatisfied, you can cancel their service and look to replace their position by making your job public again. We advise giving the PA 48 hours notice before cancellation.

Do I need to pay Employers National Insurance?

No, as all the PA's on Match my PA's database are self-employed you are not liable to pay employers' national insurance.

Do I need to pay Sick Pay and Holiday Pay?

No, as all the PA's on Match my PA's database are self-employed you are not liable to pay sick pay or holiday pay.

Are the PA's DBS checked?

Yes, all PA's on the Match my PA platform have a valid DBS. This is a mandatory requirement upon signing up to Match my PA.

Is Match my PA registered with CQC or any other care regulation?

Due to the model of Match my PA, we provide a service for self-employed PA's and clients requiring care, to connect safely and securely. We are not required to be registered with any care regulations. However, we still expect all the PA's on our database to adhere to the codes of conduct set in these bodies, to ensure a high standard of care is provided and maintained.

Are my personal and contact details public?

No, any sensitive information such as your name, date of birth and location are not shown when posting a job. You are able to remain fully anonymous. PA's will only be able to view your personal information if you have decided to provide them with this information. Initially your job will be, for example "posted by Mrs W". 

Is Match my PA safe?

Yes, very safe. Every PA on our database has been vetted. We have ensured their references are correct, they hold all the necessary qualifications and DBS. 

Are the PA's insured?

Yes, you don't need to worry about this. We provide the PA's with insurance through our insurance partner. Only visits booked through Match my PA platform will hold a valid insurance certificate. It is important that extra calls are not added without booking them via the platform as you and your PA will not be insured. Any off-platform calls can be liable for a fine up to £2000.

How do I make a claim?

Your policy is insured by our chosen insurance provider. If you want to make a claim:

email [email protected] 

or call: 0151 829 1515 , and reference Match my PA.

What is included within the insurance policy?

Match my PA, PA's are covered by our chosen insurance provider( details on request ). The cover includes:

Public liability - up to £5m, covering you if you someone has accidentally damaged your property or caused damage to the PA, or both.

Legal Expenses - Cover up to the amount of £100,000, if you ever need to go to court, for reasons caused by working for Match my PA

Personal Accident - In the unfortunate event you suffer an accident at work.

Personal Possessions - If a personal possession is damaged or lost whilst working in Match my PA hours, you are covered up to £250.

How can I fund my care?

Individuals who require care and support can access the care they need by engaging one or more self employed PA's, either via a direct payment, personal health budget (PHB), self-funding or other means.

How do I contact Match my PA?

If you have any questions please contact us at [email protected] or call 0151 829 1515. We will typically respond within 1-2 hours.