About Us

Match my PA is a family run company, operating locally, to enable individuals who require care and support services to advertise jobs and match & meet, local self employed PA's.
The company is run by husband and wife team, Wayne & Nicola Beal along with business partners (and Nicola's parents), Brian Powell & silent partner, Janet Powell.

The team have worked in the Health & Social Care sector for many years. Together, they own and operate, Support at Home - a local, successful, award winning home care company which employs 110 Support Workers and a team of 10 office staff.
As a family run company, family members; Declan, Owen & Emily are also involved in the day to day operations.

Social Care is facing extreme challenges in these unprecedented times. Match my PA has been created to provide a solution to some of the real issues facing Social Care today. The Match my PA team have come up with a system that offers an alternative route for PA's and customers to work together, creating a solution to the increased pressures in the care sector today.

Why should I use a self employed PA?

The cost of care is rising and high quality, personalised care can be unaffordable for some people.

Individuals who require care and support can access the care they need by engaging one or more self employed PA's, either via a direct payment, personal health budget (PHB), self-funding or other means.

Match my PA takes some of the stress out of sourcing PA's. It offers a unique matching service, which allows individuals to find the perfect match. As the PA's are self employed, the care receiver does not need to handle the PAYE, tax, sick pay etc.

With Match my PA, the customer invoicing and PA payroll are processed on our platform, as part of the service provided, making the process nice and simple.

Match my PA provide Liability Insurance too, meaning both parties are protected should anything go wrong.

Why should I become a self employed PA?

Match my PA recognise that there is a Nationwide shortage of care and support staff in the Health & Social Care sector which means that we need more people like you, to provide much needed support in our local community.

When employed by a care provider, carers are often paid the National Minimum Wage and the role will usually include working long days or long hours, including early starts and late finishes.

Self employed PA's set their own care rates and choose their own working days and times. There's more choice, control and flexibility to work in a rewarding role that fits in with other commitments. PA's can apply for vacancies that they feel match their own skills and preferences.

You get to know your customers well, so the professional working relationship can develop in a way that offers personalisation and routine, creating a happy working environment.

Pay is managed via the Match my PA portal - this makes the process simple and takes the hassle out of waiting for wages.

As part of the Match my PA commitment to professionalise the PA sector, we provide you with a full training programme including the Care Certificate and a Level 2 or Level 3 Diploma in Health & Social Care.

Match my PA provides you with Self Employed Carers Insurance for all visits that you book via the platform.  

Keeping care professional

Self-employed PA's who have an agreement to work directly for an individual, do not need to be CQC registered and as such, there are no requirements for formal training & professional development.

The team at Match my PA have a real commitment to professionalising the PA sector.

To do this, we follow a thorough screening process and offer a full training schedule, which can lead to the PA achieving their Care Certificate and going on to achieve their Level 2 or Level 3 Diploma in Health & Social Care.

This ensures that all PA's who have been matched with clients via the Match my PA platform, have access to a training programme which will enable them to become well informed, professionals in their own field.

This will in turn, ensure that all clients have access to high quality care and support, without compromise.